Pie Dish.

Flan Dish.

Oval Dish with thin rim as supplied to Marks & Spencer.

Oval Dish with thick rim. This version was only made after Marks & Spencer had cancelled the Autumn Leaves contract. T.G. Green were, however, still producing the Harvest range for Marks & Spencer. The assumption made is that any 'second' quality dishes, destined to be used for the Harvest range, were instead decorated with remaining Autumn Leaves patterns. T.G.Green went to great trouble to erase the manufacturing date (typically stamped '03:91', indicating March 1991) from Autumn Leaves made after Summer 1991. We do, however, have some shiny glaze Autumn Leaves soup dishes made by T.G. Green with a datestamp of '02:95' indicating that as late as February 1995 surplus Autumn Leaves patterns were still being used to produce new items! 

Deep round casserole.

Rectangular dish, commonly referred to as a 'roaster'. Very susceptible to crazing and eventual cracking if used as a roaster!

Alternative pattern found on this solitary sample obtained from the T.G. Green factory shop.



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